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AC DC Power Supply Adapters

AC DC External Power Supply Adapters for Televisions, Monitors, AV Equipment, and other Electronic Devices

AC Power Adapter 12V 6.67amp 2.5mm with 5 Multi Size Connector P

12 Volt, 6.67 Amp, 2.5mm with 5 Multi Size Right Angle Connector Plugs, 100-240VAC, 1.5A, 50/60Hz, High Quality AC Power Adapter.

$ 79.95

DC Power Adapter 12V 5amp Car Cigarette Connector TEAC MCA-60

TEAC MCA-60, suits LCDV1901M, LCDV1950SD, LCDV1955HD, LCDV1957DVR, LCDV2255HD, LCDV2255HDW, LCDV2257DVR, LCDV2657DVR, LCDV3257DVR, LEDV19U83HD, LEDV2282FHD, LED24U83FHD, LEV1994HD, LEV2292FHD, LEV2294FHD, LEV2492FHD, LEV2494FHD, LEV3292FHD, LEV3994FHD, LEV22GD3FHD, LEV24GD3FHD, 12 Volt, 5 Amp, Car Cigaret

$ 79.95

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