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Audio Record Player TurnTable Belt 176mm


Audio Record Player TurnTable Flat Section Belt = 176mm

GO Company Product Code:  AUD-ATB 0.7X5X176
Belt Type:  Flat Section Premium Quality Neoprene Turntable Belt
Height:  0.7mm
Width:  5mm
Inner Diameter:  176mm

A Record Player Belt is also known as a Turntable Belt, Turn Table Belt, Record Deck Plate Belt, Record Platter Belt, Phono Belt, Vinyl Belt.

To match your belt you will need to know the inner diameter:

To measure your old complete or broken belts follow this easy guide:

You can measure the belt from the record plate:


Or once you know the length of your old belt you can find the inner diameter by dividing it by 3.142

eg: 560mm length ÷ 3.142 = 178.23mm, now check for a belt size slightly smaller than 178mm = 176mm

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