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MR22GA Genuine Original LG TV Magic Remote Control MR22 AKB76039904


MR22GA Genuine Original LG TV Magic Remote Control MR22 AKB76039904.

GO Company Product Code: RC AKB76039904, also known as MR22GA, MR22.
Description: Brand New Genuine Original LG Television Magic Remote Control AKB76039904 (MR22GA, MR22).
Remote Number: AKB76039904 (also known as MR22GA, MR22)
Remote Type:
 InfraRed (IR) / Bluetooth (LG MAGIC REMOTE MR22GA, MR22)
Supplied with LG Models: 43UQ75006LF, 43UQ80006LB, 43UQ9000PSD, 50UQ75006LF, 50UQ80006LB, 50UQ9000PSD, 55UQ75006LF, 55UQ80006LB, 55UQ9000PSD, 65UQ75006LF, 65UQ80006LB, 65UQ9000PSD, 65UQ9000PSD, 75UQ80006LB, 75UQ9000PSD, 86UQ9000PSD, 43UQ75006LF.ANRM 43UQ80006LB.ANR, 43UQ9000PSD.AAU, 50UQ75006LF.ANR, 50UQ80006LB.ANR, 50UQ9000PSD.AAU, 55UQ75006LF.ANR, 55UQ80006LB.ANR, 55UQ9000PSD.AAU, 65UQ75006LF.ANR, 65UQ80006LB.ANR, 65UQ9000PSD.AAU, 75UQ80006LB.ANR, 75UQ9000PSD.AAU, 86UQ9000PSD.AAU, 43UQ75006LF.ANRFLJD, 43UQ75006LF.ANRYLJD, 43UQ80006LB.ANRFLJD, 43UQ9000PSD.AAUFLJD, 50UQ75006LF.ANRYLJD, 50UQ80006LB.ANRYLJD, 50UQ9000PSD.AAUYLJD, 55UQ75006LF.ANRYLJD, 55UQ80006LB.ANRYLJD, 55UQ9000PSD.AAUYLJD, 65UQ75006LF.ANRYLJD, 65UQ80006LB.ANRYLJD, 65UQ9000PSD.AAUFLJD, 65UQ9000PSD.AAUYLJD, 75UQ80006LB.ANRFLJD, 75UQ9000PSD.AAUFLJD, 86UQ9000PSD.AAUYLJD.

The model number can usually be found on the back or side of your Television, or on the front of your owner manual / instructions.  If not sure, please ask us.

Requires 2 x AA batteries

In stock, ready to GO!

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