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AAA Alkaline Battery 4Piece Pack PANASONIC


PANASONIC High Quality AAA Alkaline Batteries, 4 Pack

GO Company Product Code: BAT AAA4
Voltage: 1.5V(DC)
System: Alkaline
Usage: Universal
Shape: AAA, Micro, Mini- Penlite, LR3, LR03T/4B
Height: 44.2mm
Diameter: 10.5mm

Always use a High Quality Alkaline battery in your remote control.

Our PANASONIC Alkaline batteries will preserve the lifespan of your remote control.

Improved Performance, 20% Longer Lasting, Anti-Leak Protection (reduces the risk of damage to your remote), Triple Tough Coating (free from disturbing energy flow)

TIP: You should always check the batteries in your remote control every 12months.

Always remove the batteries from remote controls that you are not using.

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