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STK392-010 3-Channel Convergence Correction Circuit Max 5A


INTEGRATED CIRCUIT STK392-010 = SANYO 3-Channel Convergence Correction Circuit (IC max = 5A) 

GO Company Product Code: STK392-010
Overview: The STK391-010 is a convergence correction circuit IC for video projectors.  It incorporates three output amplifiers in a single package, making possible the construction of CRT horizontal and vertical convergence correction output circuits for each of the RGB colours using just two hybrid ICs.
Applications:  • General video projectors
Features:  • 3 output amplifier circuits in a single package (22-pin).
• High absolute maximum supply voltage (VCC max =±38V).
• Low thermal resistance (qj-c=2.6°C/W).
• High temperature stability (TC max=125°C).
• Separate predriver and output stage supplies.
• Output stage supply switching for high-performance designs.
• Pins are arranged in separate groups of inputs, supply, and outputs to reduce the adverse effects of pattern layout on characteristics and to make design easier.
• Constant-current circuit in the predriver for stable supply switching operation.

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