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BN59-01247A Genuine Original SAMSUNG Remote Control


BN59-01247A SAMSUNG Genuine Original Television Remote Control

GO Company Product Code: RC BN5901247A
Description: Brand New Genuine Original SAMSUNG Television Remote Control BN59-01247A.
Remote Number: BN59-01247A
Remote Type:
 InfraRed (IR)
Supplied with SAMSUNG Models: UA32K5500AWXXY, UA40K5500AWXXY, UA40KU6000WXXY, UA43KU7000WXXY, UA49K5500AWXXY, UA49KU7000WXXY, UA50KU6000WXXY, UA55KS8000WXXY, UA55KS8500WXXY, UA55KS9000WXXY, UA55KS9500WXXY, UA55KU6000WXXY, UA55KU6500WXXY, UA55KU7000WXXY, UA55KU7500WXXY, UA60KS8005WXXY, UA60KU6000WXXY, UA65KS8000WXXY, UA65KS8500WXXY, UA65KS9000WXXY, UA65KS9500WXXY, UA65KU6000WXXY, UA65KU7000WXXY, UA65KU7500WXXY, UA70KU6000WXXY, UA75KS9005WXXY, UA78KS9500WXXY, UA88KS9800WXXY, UA32K5500AW, UA40K5500AW, UA40KU6000W, UA43KU7000W, UA49K5500AW, UA49KU7000W, UA50KU6000W, UA55KS8000W, UA55KS8500W, UA55KS9000W, UA55KS9500W, UA55KU6000W, UA55KU6500W, UA55KU7000W, UA55KU7500W, UA60KS8005W, UA60KU6000W, UA65KS8000W, UA65KS8500W, UA65KS9000W, UA65KS9500W, UA65KU6000W, UA65KU7000W, UA65KU7500W, UA70KU6000W, UA75KS9005W, UA78KS9500W, UA88KS9800W.

The model number can usually be found on the back or side of your Television, or on the front of your owner manual / instructions.  If not sure, please ask us.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries

In stock, ready to GO!

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