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GA612WJSA Replacement Remote Control for SHARP RRMCGA612WJSA


GA612WJSA Made For You Replacement TV Remote Control for SHARP RRMCGA612WJSA 

GO Company Product Code: RC MFU2B-GA612WJSA
Description: Brand New Made For You Replacment TV Remote Control for SHARP Television Remote Control GA612WJSA
Remote Number: GA612WJSA
Remote Type:
 InfraRed (IR)
 Made For You (to replace SHARP)
Suitable for SHARP TV Models: LC-32D33X, LC-37D33X, LC-37D63X, LC-42D63X, LC-46D63X, LC-42D83X, LC-46D83X, LC-52D83X, LC32D33X, LC37D33X, LC37D63X, LC42D63X, LC46D63X, LC42D83X, LC46D83X, LC52D83X.

The model number can usually be found on the back or side of your TV, or on the front of your owner manual / instructions. If not sure, please ask us. If not sure, please ask us.

Our Made For You Remote is Pre-Programmed ready to GO, no set up required, just install 2 new AAA batteries and it will work right away.

This remote is 100% full function, please also see the handy button layout diagram below (2nd photo), it shows the names/info from the original remote on the diagram of the new remote so you can find the corresponding button for the desired command / control / function on the new MadeForYou Remote.

Direct button layout = press the corresponding button directly.

SHIFT button layout = press the SHIFT button, then press the corresponding button for the command / function required.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries

In stock, ready to GO!

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